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On Good Products

How to start off with a strong foundation.

It’s a common product interview question: what makes a product good? My go-to answer is “respect”. It’s a catch-all term with multiple meanings, but I believe it covers all the most important elements.

Respect the Platform

Most products live on the web and/or on mobile. Each of those platforms come with certain expectations, both from the platform itself and from the users.

I believe that products should embrace the platform that they’re on. Not just make it work, but really try and use it to its full potential. For example:

Respect the User’s Privacy

Users share their data with you in confidence. Earn that trust, and then keep earning it. For example:

Respect the User’s Time

Everyone’s busy, and no one wants to waste their time. Catering to this goes a long way in making your product feel friendlier. For example:


These are just some of the principles I try to adhere to. The list and examples are non-exhaustive and there’ll always be room for improvement, but I believe it’s a strong foundation for any product to be good.